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A wide variety of accessories to improve your medical practice

In addition to the basic instrumentation entirely devoted to the acquisition and management of the BioResonance signal, the BRS BioResonance System consists of a series of applicators that allow to work in a targeted manner on the requested needs:


for the signals acquisition and transmission in the form of electric energy in any body district, according to the different configurations


available in different shapes and sizes, from the local disc applicator to the full body mat, allow to introduce magnetic treatments into client’s paths


such as the MindResonator glasses, with a white and safe LED light to enter rapidly in the person neural network, or the red/infrared LED mat, particularly suitable for skin problems treatment


such as the last electrode for the triple acupuncture stimulation – electrical, magnetic and laser – suitable for the acquisition of specific punctual signals and for the re-equilibrium of acupoints and meridians


The Software is the “CoRe” of our systems. The special reproducible algorithm invented by Kiran Schmidt is the highest value of the System. Co-Re is for Coincidence Recognition, as the CoRe goes in the world of the matrix, made by frequencies and governed by the Consciousness, through sinchronicity.

The Informational System IS software is the main software and it works in combination with additional software as:

  • Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine Module provides an instant evaluation of the meridian system of the client and includes treatment indications; provides a complete map and body part images with points to be treated and frequencies to be used. Special probes let to broadcast the signal with magnetic, electric and light energy. (Request dedicated brochure)    

  • Visual bilateral stimulation software based on the psychotherapeutic EMDR approach, very useful with patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression 

  • Cyber Anatomy software, a 3D anatomical atlas, used in major universities of medicine, it specifically provides analysis and balancing of resonant informations for each body part, organ or organ system


A large number of optional modules enriches the CoRe database, here is a list of all you can test and use for your practice
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture MdS – Postural Acupuncture
    Acupuncture MdS – Acupuncture Cosmetic
    Acupuncture MdS – Acupuncture energy levels
    Acupuncture MdS – Acupuncture Psychiatric
    Acupuncture MdS – Auricolomedicine
    Acupuncture MdS – Chakra and Acupuncture
    Acupuncture MdS – Chakra and frequencies
    Acupuncture MdS – Law of the 5 elements
    Acupuncture MdS – Neuroauricoloterapia
    Acupuncture MdS – Shen
    Acupuncture MdS – Wonderful vases

  • Ayurveda
    Ayurveda MdS – Ayurveda Maharishi Remedies
    Ayurveda MdS – Marma points
    Ayurveda MdS – Wrist Ayurveda

  • Chromotherapy
    Chromotherapy MdS – Teleterapia

  • Emotions
    Emotions MdS – Emotional conflicts
    Emotions MdS – positive emotions missing
    Emotions MdS – psychosomatic Energy Medicine
    Emotions MdS – scale of the emotional frequency

  • Diagnosis
    Diagnosis MdS – Subtle anatomy
    Diagnosis MdS – Archetypes
    Diagnosis MdS – Constitutional Compass
    Diagnosis MdS – Venous scars
    Diagnosis MdS – Engrams
    Diagnosis MdS – Enneagram of the psychological types
    Diagnosis MdS – Brain frequencies
    Diagnosis MdS – frequencies of the meridians
    Diagnosis MdS – The 5 wounds
    Diagnosis MdS – The 7 keys of beings
    Diagnosis MdS – Medicine of Hamer
    Diagnosis MdS – Holograms
    Diagnosis MdS – Maslow’s theory in biology
    Diagnosis MdS – Soil
    Diagnosis MdS – Family triads

  • Homeopathy
    Homeopathy MdS – Archeopaths
    Homeopathy MdS – Paper
    Homeopathy MdS – homoeopathic Mixtures
    Homeopathy MdS – Oligoelements
    Homeopathy MdS – False perceptions of Sankaran
    Homeopathy MdS – Sulis Homeopathy Remedies

  • Resonances
    Resonance MdS – Janosh
    Resonances MdS – Grabovoi human body
    Resonances MdS – Grabovoi diseases
    Resonances MdS – Spiritual therapy Sanathana Sanjeevini

  • Symbols
    Symbols MdS – I Ching
    Symbolimds – Hebrew Letters
    Symbols MdS – Symbolon
    Symbols MdS – Sacred Geometry
    Symbols MdS – Tarot

  • Flower Therapy
    Flowertherapy MdS – Arboreal floral information by Kobler

  • Music therapy
    Music therapy MdS – Sama See

  • Therapy
    Therapy MdS – Infoceuticals
    Therapy MdS – quantic subliminal Programming
    Therapy MdS – Frequencies of Nogier
    Therapy MdS – PSYCHOPHYT Remedy
    Therapy MdS – Sulis remedies

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